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Happy Holidays, 2014!

Holiday Elves, Hard at Work At, image licensed from Caraman, via iStockPhoto.

Yes, indeedy: it's that time again.  Believe it or not, another year has passed, and is getting ready to take  their annual holiday. We've been slaving our buns off, to get books ready for all of you publishing on Amazon, NookPress aka PubIt, iBooks, KoboBooks, Print, and a thousand other places.  We'll be officially CLOSED from midnight on 12/24/14, reopening on January 5th.  During that time, books that are already in production will continue production, and will be sent to the clients that are in the queue, but we shan't be answering emails nor the phone.  Thank you for your consideration during this much-needed annual break. (Image licensed for use from iStockphoto, 2014).


YES, we are still accepting books, InDesign Files, PDF's, etc, for intake and production, and will be in the offices through 12/24.  Please CONTACT US if you need help, or want a quote.


For those of you who just cannot live without our annual Holiday poem, our dogged bit of doggerel still appears....


T'was the Night Before Christmas...


...and all through the shop,
all we minions were working,
   until ready to drop.

The ebooks were flying,
the covers were spare,
The edits were crazy,
   with "one more thing I must share!"

We waited for Santa,
'Cuz we love old Saint Nick,
But Hitch made us work,
   Waving round an old stick!

So slave we all did,
And made all your books,
So that Hitch would say now,
   that we're off the hook.

Come today we're off,
to rest up our fingers,
Our hats we will doff,
   No books they do linger.

But we'll all be back,
Don't give it a thought,
for like all wage slaves,
   we're easily bought.

We'll be back on the fifth,
all eager and fresh,
All ready for Word,
   after well-deserved rest.

So Hitch wants to say,
very strongly and loud,
  you're the best type of crowd.

Indy and Ned and Hitch and the gang,
will be back on the 6th,
to do books with a BANG!

In the meantime don't worry,
if you're in a hurry,
'cuz some poor guy got stuck
   sitting here like a duck.

Your emails we'll receive,
so no need to grieve.
We'll be a bit slow,
but we're raring to go.

Your books will be worked on,
your edits still made,
we're just resting a bit,
   before we all fade.

So please excuse the delays;
It won't be for days;
we'll jump on your queries,
   for your wondrous new series.

We waited for Santa,
'Cuz we love old St. Nick,
And sure 'nuff he came,
   It wasn't a trick.

And as he rode off,
into the night,
I could swear I heard Hitch yell,
   "That Edit's Not Right!"

Welcome to Booknook!

WELCOME to  As we like to say here, "Over 2,000 authors served!"  And counting.

Who are We?:  We provide ebook formatting and conversion services for everyone from the newest author to international best-selling superstars like Jackie Collins, John Gray, Ph.D., Julie Smith,  and Pulitzer-winner Mike Vitez, along with many other happy clients.  We've been in business since 2008, and we've converted over 2,500 books for Kindle, Nook, Sony, iBooks, Kobo and every other ebook platform out there.  If you want experience and expertise, you're in the right place.  

We're an Amazon-Listed Professional Converter (see the list, here: and an Inscribe Digital Preferred eBook Conversion Partner.  Scroll down and hit "refresh" to check out a few of our testimonials.

What's Our Work Like?:  Want to see samples?  Check out our Interiors Showcase Gallery!

What Can We Do?:  We format prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, kid's books, medical textbooks and short stories.  We convert Word, WordPerfect, Mac Pages, Open Office, LibreOffice, text and print. YES, we do accept INDESIGN files for conversion.  

Can You Trust Us?:  We offer our ironclad, "BulletProof Guarantee"--you'll be happy with the products you receive from us, PERIOD.  No weasling, no excuses.  You see, review, and approve every single book we produce.  Just ask our 2,000+ other clients.  

Are You Ready?:  If you're ready to start, Contact Us with your manuscript (or click the red "Email Us" button at the upper-right-hand-side of the body of the Resources page) and we'll get you on the road to publication.  Or just email us and ask us some eBook conversion questions.  

Still Have Questions?:  Have questions before you want to email us?  Help yourself to our many Resources and our extensive FAQ.  Want the FAQ in handy PDF form?  Download the completely FREE Handbook--no email subscriptions, no names, no email--it's yours, no catches, no gimmicks.  And if you could use a chuckle, scroll up and download our FREE QuickStart Comic.   

Thank you!  --Hitch (Kimberly Hitchens, Owner/Founder of, making lives easier for authors and publishers since 2008.  

Booknook.Biz has been amazing to work with! They are true leaders in the digital age, on top of their game, and a dream come true for an author wanting to get her backlist into readers hands. Embarking on self-publishing, both the staff and services at Booknook.Biz have been an invaluable asset in making such a daunting task possible. Professional, innovative, honest, reliable, with a keen eye for detail, they deliver on time, and go above and beyond. I highly recommend, and I look forward to working with them on many more future projects.
- Jackie Collins, Jackie Collins, International Bestseller and author of The Power Trip

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